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An easy way to make the exterior of your home more attractive is with the addition of Tanyfron window shutters. Homeowners have lots of choices when it comes to choosing window shutters, and finding the right contractor can feel overwhelming at times. That’s where we come in, connecting you with professional contractors who will help you choose the right style and then install them to your exact specifications.

History of Window Shutters

Window shutters are thought to have originated in ancient Greece when they were used to protect homeowners from rain, sun and snow. Since these shutters allowed people to close window openings at night, they were also a source of protection as well. When the idea of shutters finally spread to Europe, timber was the most popular material available to construct them from. Early window shutters Tanyfron were made from wood, but reeds and thatch were also popular choices. When glass became commonly used in home construction, this eliminated the need for shutters; however, they remained popular among Tanyfron homeowners because of their decorative properties.

Types of Tanyfron Window Shutters

Window shutters have come a long way from their humble beginnings. These fixtures can be found in an assortment of materials including wood, vinyl, steel, aluminium, fibreglass and pressboard. They also come in a number of different styles, and a few of the more popular ones include:

  • Louvred - has horizontal slats that can be adjusted up or down via a rod that runs through the centre of them.
  • Board and Batten - contains horizontal boards held together by smaller pieces of wood which are placed in a “z” pattern
  • Bahama shutters - these shutters resemble a grate and cover the window vertically, being placed at a slight angle in order to allow sunlight and air to enter
  • Accordion or hurricane shutters - stretch across the window horizontally and are used in areas that regularly receive a great deal of heavy storms
  • Raised panel - flat shutters that have one or more raised sections in the centre of them
  • Roller shutter - resembles a pull-down window blind and is attached to the exterior of a window in order to completely cover it from top to bottom

Consumers who are unhappy with the choices that are available can easily have bespoke shutters designed to complement the exterior of their home.

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Considerations when Purchasing Shutters

There’s more than just the style to consider when choosing Tanyfron window shutters. Homeowners should think about the type of material they are made from, as some require more maintenance than others do. The colour should also be considered – darker colours tend to attract more light and can therefore make a building warmer. Another thing to think about is the purpose of these shutters – are they being installed for decorative purposes or do they need to provide protection from the weather and sunlight? An individual’s budget is certainly an important factor since some materials cost more than others.

Care of Tanyfron Window Shutters

Window shutters are usually very easy to maintain as most can simply be sprayed with a garden hose in order to clean them. Vinyl or fibreglass shutters typically do not need to be repainted, but wooden ones could need new paint or stain every few years. Metal shutters could need to be lubricated from time to time in order to prevent them from rusting. Taking care of shutters is simple and does not cost a great deal of money, so these fixtures can be enjoyed for many years.

Cost of Window Shutters

The biggest factor in determining Tanyfron window shutters costs is the material. The size of the shutters will make a difference as well, since they are typically manufactured in standard sizes. Windows that are unusual sizes may require custom shutters, thereby increasing the cost. It can cost more to attach shutters to brick or stucco homes because special tools must be used to drill into masonry.

Your Tanyfron window shutter questions answered

Why should I install window shutters?

Window shutters have a variety of uses. They can be installed for added security, for storm or wind protection, or simply for extra shade in windows that get direct sunlight during the morning or afternoon.

How much does it cost to install shutters?

The price will vary depending on a variety of factors. Shutter material, type, and controller style will all add to or subtract from the price, depending on your selection.

What materials are used to make window shutters?

Window shutters can be made from aluminium, fibreglass, vinyl, or wood to match the exterior of any home.

Can I paint window shutters?

Yes, you can paint window shutters, although it normally isn't necessary since they come in a variety of custom colours.

How do I install Tanyfron window shutters on a brick home?

You should use masonry anchors with screws attached to them. Masonry anchors can be bored through brick without causing damage, which might be possible if using regular screws or fasteners.

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