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Wall Tiles Tanyfron

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Tired of living with dull and peeling wallpaper? Need to give your bathroom or kitchen a make-over? Wall tiles Tanyfron is a long lasting, aesthetically-pleasing and practical solution, particularly in rooms susceptible to moisture damage. Want to install wall tiles but afraid of the cost? We can help, guaranteeing to find you the best tiling professionals for a price to suit your budget.

What are Tiles?

A tile is manufactured square of a hard-wearing material for the use in construction. Tiles are typically made from a variety of materials including ceramic, stone, vinyl, fibreglass, metal and even glass. Tiles are most often used for flooring, roofing and walls. They are both practical and decorative, available in an assortment of textures, colours and patterns. The cost of tiles depends on the type of material and style as well as the application of the tile.

Types of Wall Tiles:

Tanyfron wall tiles are most commonly ceramic, treated with a hardened glaze to repel moisture. There are numerous types of wall tiles to choose from.

  • Earthenware – these wall tiles have a 10% water absorption rate. These tiles are easy to work with, and are popular for decorative features such as mosaics. Because they are porous, they are best used indoors in environments where the moisture content is less likely to cause damage.
  • Stoneware – with their 3% water absorption rate, stoneware Tanyfron wall tiles are durable and can be used without additional glazing. These tiles are great for use in the bathroom and kitchen on both the walls and floors.
  • Porcelain – these tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Porcelain tiles are very versatile, and can be used to imitate wood, stone, slate, leather, cork and even fabric finishes. These are ideal for use in the bathroom or kitchen.
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Tanyfron wall tile costs

Wall Tile Installation

Installing wall tiles can take a few hours to a few days depending on the size of the room and the number of tiles involved. Before new tiles can be fitted, the existing wall will need to be cleaned and old wallpaper stripped. DIY is strongly discouraged, as working with tiles can be dangerous. Improperly secured tiles could fall off the wall causing injury.

Repair and Replacement

Depending on the type of tile, most Tanyfron wall tiles have a long lifespan, requiring little to no maintenance. Should tiles get damaged, individual tiles may be removed and replaced. If preferred, some cracks can be sealed without needing to replace the tile, but this may compromise the aesthetics of the design. Always consult the professionals before attempting to replace tiles DIY.

Wall Tiles Costs

The cost of installing wall tiles Tanyfron depends on the type of tile, the intricacy of desired design, the size of the room to be tiled and the labour involved. Tiles vary greatly in price depending on the material they're made from, the glazing, texturing and patterning. Additional design schemes such as mosaics require precision cutting and placement, which increases labour hours and thus increases the overall cost of installation.

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Your Tanyfron wall tile questions answered

Why should I choose wall tiles over another type of covering?

Wall tiles are hard-wearing, easy to clean and come in many different styles. They can even give the illusion of a natural stone or brick wall, which is something that is hard to duplicate with other coverings.

What are some considerations?

The wall's surface should be clean, level and in good repair if the tiles are to stick properly... something a professional can take care of prior to installation if you wish.

What does it cost to have wall tiles installed?

On average, wall tiles will cost £3-6 per square metre, not including the costs for labour and/or VAT if applicable. You can purchase wall tiles yourself from your local tile or hardware store and it may be cheaper than having an installer purchase them for you.

How long do the tiles take to install?

This will depend on the size of the in which you wish to install the tiles. On average, though, installing tiles in a bathroom or similar small room can completed in a single work day. Larger rooms will, of course, take longer.

Can I use wall tiles on my Tanyfron floor?

No, wall tiles are not as rugged as floor tiles, and will therefore not stand up to heavy foot traffic. You may use floor tiles on walls, but should never use wall tiles on floors.

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