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Are your bedroom doors looking a little tired? Are warped and swollen bathroom doors getting you down? Interior doors Tanyfron are easily replaced or repaired at a price to suit your budget. Need to install an interior door but don't know where to start? We'll help you find the best interior door services at the best prices so you don't have to live with old, ugly or damaged doors.

What are Interior Doors?

Interior doors provide privacy and sound proofing within your home. Internal doors separating bathrooms and bedrooms are essential for privacy. A damaged interior door should be repaired as soon as possible. The sooner damage is repaired; the less likely a replacement will be required. Interior doors come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit both your practical and aesthetic needs.

Types of Doors

Interior doors come in a variety of shapes and styles. For increased resilience, interior doors are best made from those materials, which are resistant to physical damage while still providing adequate sound proofing. It's also important to consider the mechanism best suited for your home.

  • Pocket doors - ideal for closets
  • Sliding doors - a popular option for general living areas
  • Concertina doors - a more informal option for divisions in living rooms, shared bedrooms or between open plan kitchens and dining rooms
  • Hinged doors - best suited to bedrooms
  • French doors - for a dramatic flair to particularly in entertainment areas
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Door Materials

Interior doors are traditionally made from various woods and wooden products such as chipboard or plywood. While wood may be desirable for aesthetic reasons, it is not always the most practical especially in areas prone to moisture exposure. Frosted glass, vinyl and UPVC doors may be a better alternative especially in areas such as the bathroom.

Tanyfron interior door costs

Interior Door Installation

The professional installation of internal doors Tanyfron is a must. Badly fitted doors could not only damage the surrounding frame, but may even compromise the structural integrity of surrounding walls. Prior to installation, old doors will be removed. If a door installation is required as part of renovations, it's best to consult a building expert before deciding where to place new doors so as not to weaken support structures.

Interior Door Repair

Internal doors are susceptible to damage from daily living. Bathroom doors are particularly susceptible to moisture damage but there are moisture resistant materials available for bathroom doors. Bedroom doors are easily chipped, scratched and dented especially by children. Living with a damaged door compromises privacy and sound proofing, and may even affect the energy efficiency of your home.

The Costs Involved

The size and style of interior doors will have an effect on the price. The larger the door, the more complex the design, the more intricate the opening mechanism, and the type of material the door is made from will affect the final price. The number of doors requiring installation can also affect the price. Having new interior doors installed professionally is an investment and may even increase the value of your home.

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Your Tanyfron interior door questions answered

Can I install my own interior or closet doors?

As long as the door frame is square, it is a fairly simple do it yourself job. If there are other variables to consider, such as the lack of a door frame or an oddly shaped door, it would probably be better to call a professional.

Can I paint or stain my interior door?

What is the door made of? Wooden doors will need to be stripped and sanded before they can be painted or stained. Vinyl or plastic doors can be painted but they will require the application of a primer coat to make the paint adhere.

How much does it cost to have interior doors installed?

Having an interior door hung in an existing frame can be completed for as little as £30. If the frame needs to be repaired, renovated or modified in order to accommodate the new door, the price can climb to over £100.

Are 'Dutch doors' more expensive to install?

Dutch doors are not necessarily more expensive to install, whether they are used in an interior or an exterior application. They are more expensive to purchase, however.

How thick should my interior doors be?

Most interior doors should be between three and five centimetres thick. Thicker doors should be used in areas such as bedrooms where privacy is a concern, while thinner ones are ideal for closets.

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