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Are you living in a home that's crumbling down around you? Concerned you might have a beetle infestation or be under fungal attack? Damp proofing Tanyfron offers a range of solutions to protect your residential or commercial property from dry and wet rot, wood-boring beetles and rising dampness. Need damp proofing but not sure where to start? We can help.

If you see patches of mould and mildew on your walls and ceiling, it might be time to call in the Tanyfron damp proofing professionals. Treating superficial symptoms of dampness doesn't cure underlying problems, so moulds and mildews are likely to return. Damp proofing is a cost effective means of preserving the structural integrity of your home or work premises, and is available to suit any budget.

damp proof course waterproofing

What is Damp Proofing?

Due to capillary movement, water rises from the earth into a building, breaking cement-paint bonds, causing cracks, and dark spots on the walls. Damp proofing is a type of waterproofing applied to foundation walls to prevent moisture passing into the interior. It can be applied as a horizontal barrier or damp-proof course. It can also be installed as a membrane, and is best applied to solid floors.

Damp Proofing vs. Waterproofing

While many homeowners use the terms damp proofing and waterproofing interchangeably, there are some notable differences. Damp proofing is a process that is designed to keep soil moisture out of your home, including your basement. This is ideal for homes and buildings that are not prone to flooding and that sit on hilltops where standing water will not be an issue.

Waterproofing, on the other hand, is a far more intensive service designed to protect your home, foundation, and basement walls from standing water as well as moisture. If your home is below the water table, you should choose waterproofing; if it is above the water table, damp proofing is all you need.

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Damage to Property

Damage caused by a missing or compromised damp-proof course can be catastrophic, resulting not only in moisture damage that affects paintwork and fittings, but the structural integrity of your home. In severe cases, the walls and ceiling may be at risk of collapse, putting you and your family at severe risk of injury. Professional Tanyfron damp proofing services offer both a cosmetic and structural solution to your problem.

health risks of damp

Health Risks

Moisture indoors can result in moulds and mildews. These release spores, causing allergies and upper respiratory issues as well as eye irritation. Prolonged exposure to certain types of moulds can result in neurological problems and even death. Rising dampness also creates the ideal home for wood-boring beetles. These creatures can weaken damaged walls to the point of collapse putting you and your family at serious risk.

methods of damp proofing

Methods of Damp Proofing

Commons methods of damp proofing include using flexible materials like heated bitumen, plastic sheeting, felt and metal sheeting. Rigid materials such as bricks, mortar, stone and slate treated with bitumen to be impervious to water are also used. Coarse sand layers or continuous plastic sheets may be used under flooring to prevent moisture leaching out of the ground into the foundations.

available Tanyfron damp proofing products

Damp Proofing Products

There are several products that contractors and Tanyfron homeowners alike can use to help damp proof their properties. Essentially, these products are all made of asphalt-based coatings that are sprayed, rolled, or otherwise applied to the outside of the walls. There are also damp proofing paints available that can help block moisture, but most experts will recommend that homeowners don't rely on damp proofing paint alone. Rather, it can be used as an added layer of protection to areas that are already damp proofed with more traditional products. Finally, there are damp proofing injections that involve injecting a special cream into strategically-placed holes throughout the home. These penetrate materials to form a barrier.

Green Alternative

There is a completely natural alternative that doesn't use any harmful chemicals like many traditional damp proofing methods. Green damp proofing uses specially-designed bricks placed outside the walls to allow air in and out of the chambers. This airflow aids evaporation, removing all moisture and drying out the wall. This method is long lasting but may depend on the structural design of your home.

Costs Involved

Damp proofing may end up saving you money in the long run, as professionally installed damp proofing greatly reduces the risk of internal water damage. Damp proofing also prevents the growth of moulds and mildews that could negatively impact your health and result in significant medical bills. The larger the area requiring damp proofing, the more expensive the job is likely to be; however, there are damp proofing solutions to suit every budget.

Ugly stains on your ceiling and crumbling plaster around your skirting boards? Might be time to invest in Tanyfron damp proofing. Take a minute to fill in our online form detailing your damp problems, and we'll take care of the rest. Get a quote today and say goodbye to those crumbling foundations.

Your Tanyfron damp proofing questions answered

Could my home benefit from damp proofing?

If your home hasn't had damp proofing treatment completed, it may benefit. This is especially true if you're already noticing dampness on or around your walls or floor areas. A professional can determine whether damp proofing would benefit you or not.

What is damp proofing?

Damp proofing is a process where material is applied to the foundations, floors and walls to prevent moisture from seeping into those areas and damaging existing brick, wood or other materials.

Is damp proofing needed in high humidity environments?

The need for damp proofing isn't limited to high humidity environments. Any areas that get rain, or have perpetually damp soil can necessitate damp proofing your home or business. This will prevent water damage and mould growth, among other things.

How much do damp proofing treatments cost?

Average cost of a damp proofing treatment for a standard sized home is about £2,000-£3,000, but the treatment will usually be insured for up to 10 years, so this isn't a large expenditure that will have to be frequently repeated.

Aside from a basement, what other areas of a home might need damp proofing?

Cellars and crawl spaces are two areas that often require damp proofing. It may also be needed in any room on the first floor of a home, particularly bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms.

Is it possible to damp proof a very old house?

It's unfortunate that old homes are more prone to the damage caused by moisture, yet they're also the most difficult homes to properly damp proof. After all, it would be very difficult (not to mention expensive) to remove bricks and siding, apply asphalt, and then rebuild the masonry or rehang the vinyl. This is a situation in which damp proofing injections are useful since they require far less labour, but are just as effective.

What are damp proofing courses?

Damp proofing courses, or DPCs, are layers built into the walls of your Tanyfron home that keep moisture from soaking upward. This phenomenon, known as "rising damp", can cause tens of thousands of pounds in damage. These are usually made of slate or plastic, and they're usually visible about six inches (or two bricks) off the ground when you look at your exterior wall. When moisture seepage encounters this barrier, it cannot move any further up the wall, which can prevent moisture damage.

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