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Carpet Stretching Services in Tanyfron

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Carpeting with wrinkles and lumps is not only unattractive but can present tripping hazards, particularly among elderly people. That is where the Tanyfron carpet stretching services in our network can help. You may be surprised to discover that you do not have to purchase new carpet when yours becomes stretched or misshapen. Having your out of shape carpet stretched is far less expensive than purchasing new carpeting or floor covering.

Carpet fitters can help you get a few more years out of your older carpet by providing Tanyfron carpet stretching services. They can visit your home or place of business, evaluate your carpet and let you know if carpet stretching is the right approach or if your carpet is so worn that you may need new floor covering. Carpet stretchers take the carpet up, use stretching equipment to get all wrinkles and waves out, re-fit the carpet around the edges and trim off the excess. Carpet stretching is far less expensive than purchasing brand new carpeting and is often the right solution to extend the life of the existing carpet.

stretching new Tanyfron carpets

Failing to Properly Stretch a Carpet

The carpet installation process isn’t as simple as laying underlay and rolling out the new carpet. In fact, there are several steps involved – and stretching is one of the most important. When carpeting is new, it’s quite compact. It hasn’t been installed or walked on. As time goes by, foot traffic will cause the carpet to spread out. If that carpet wasn’t properly stretched at the time of installation, this can create wrinkles and other issues that can cause your carpet to wear prematurely. In fact, failing to stretch the carpet during installation may void its warranty.

There are times when carpet stretching can benefit older carpet, too. Once again, over the years, carpeting tends to spread itself out as it is used. This means the carpet will no longer fit the room exactly as it should, which can create wrinkles and bulges. Stretching the carpet every few years will ensure these issues do not become problematic and that your carpet lasts as long as possible.

stretching carpets after cleaning

Stretching Your Carpet after Cleaning

While most professional Tanyfron carpet cleaners work hard to avoid oversaturating your carpets during cleaning, there are times when carpets may buckle due to saturation. When this occurs, the carpet may resume its normal shape once it has thoroughly dried. Other times, it may be necessary to hire a professional carpet stretching company to remove wrinkles that developed following a cleaning. Again, in most cases, professional carpet cleaners are trained to avoid this.

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Tanyfron carpet stretching costs

Tanyfron Carpet Stretching Costs

The overall price can vary based on the extent of the problem and the work that will need to be done to fix it. Prices can also be impacted by regional labour costs. The bottom line, however, is that it is important to fix stretched and misshapen carpet to avoid the costs associated with trip and fall accidents and early wearing of the carpet. Taking good care of your carpet will make it last much longer and having carpet stretching Tanyfron services performed on your misshapen carpet can save you money in the long term.

the best Tanyfron carpet stretching services near you

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Your Tanyfron carpet stretching questions answered

How often should carpet be stretched?

There is no set timeframe for stretching carpet. Instead, it should be done whenever it is needed.

What are the signs?

If it is loose, bunches up when vacuumed or there are visible creases or rolls in the middle of the floor, your carpet will need to be stretched.

How much does professional carpet stretching cost?

On average, carpet stretching will cost between £25 and £50, depending on the area that is wrinkling, and the severity of the damage. It is a simple fix, but it may need to be repeated in the future.

What causes carpet wrinkling and rippling?

Carpet wrinkling is usually caused by high humidity in the home. It may be a seasonal thing, caused by high external humidity, or it may be caused by other, more sinister problems like rising damp.

Does my Tanyfron carpet have to be taken up in order to be stretched?

Yes, it must be removed from its tack strips so it can then be stretched with a power stretcher before putting it back in place. You may also need to remove baseboards.

What should I do to prepare for carpet stretching?

If your stretching will take place during the installation of new carpet, there’s nothing you need to do outside of preparing for your installers by removing furniture from the rooms where carpet will be installed. If your carpet is already installed, you’ll need to move furniture out of the way for the team to work. Other than this, there’s nothing more you’ll need to do.

Can stretching help old carpets?

In some cases, carpet stretching can help make older Tanyfron carpets look better. Over time, everything from foot traffic to humidity can cause the carpet to move and shift. Stretching it can help reshape it, which prevents wrinkles and buckles. This can even extend the lifespan of your carpet.

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