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Burglar Alarms Tanyfron

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Are you feeling vulnerable in your own home? Want to beef up the security at your place of work? Burglar Alarms Tanyfron provide a variety of different methods to deter criminal activity, on your residential or commercial premises. No matter how big or small your property, there is an alarm system to suit your needs and your budget and we can help you get touch with the professionals.

Why Install a Burglar Alarm?

Professionally installed Tanyfron burglar alarms can drastically reduce the incidence of crime whether at your private residence of place of work. A professional alarm system helps prevent criminal activity, keeping you safe in the comfort of your home, and ensuring the safety of your commercial or industrial assets. A burglar alarm installation can also increase the value of your property.

Choosing an Alarm System

Traditional burglar alarms Tanyfron are designed to trigger a signal when someone enters the premises uninvited. Alarm can be installed to detect unwanted movement in corridors and individuals rooms as well as around the perimeter of a home. They can also be installed at points of ingress. All high-end burglar alarms are designed to communicate directly with your preferred security company.

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Types of Alarms

There are a variety of different burglar alarms available.

  1. Siren - this system uses sensors to trigger a siren immediately or after a delay, should an intruder trip the system. This siren can sound audibly or can be sent as a silent signal to a security company.
  2. Sensor Devices - are triggered by movement, heat, smoke, shock or vibration. These sensors trigger a siren or silent signal when an intruded is detected.
  3. PIR Sensors - passive infra-red sensors are increasingly popular and monitor areas by measuring changes in temperature. This type of sensor only responds to living heat energy and will not be triggered by sunlight or heating from ventilation systems.
  4. Magnetic Switches - ideal for use on doors and windows, these magnetic contacts create an electrical circuit when closed. A break in that circuit, caused by an intruder, sounds the alarm.
  5. Ultrasonic Detectors - these sensors use high frequency sound waves to detect motion in a specific area. An intruder entering the room will disrupt the usual sound wave patterns and trigger the alarm.
  6. Microwave Detectors - these work in a similar way to ultrasonic detectors but use radio waves instead. These type of waves can pass through walls and are therefore able to monitor larger areas that ultrasonic detectors.
  7. CCTV Systems - These systems not only prevent crime but footage can also be used to prosecute. An integrated CCTV-burglar alarm system is preferable. This combo system may employ additional sensors as well as cameras.

The Dangers of DIY

The professional installation or burglar alarms Tanyfron is strongly recommended. An improper DIY installation could result in providing a false sense of security and only make you and your loved ones more vulnerable to criminal activity. With our access to a network home security specialists, we can help you find the best alarm services at the lowest prices. Why risk a faulty DIY when the professionals are standing by?

Tired of living in fear?

Want to be able to sleep at night knowing you and your family are perfectly safe? Burglar alarms can provide this sense of security. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your security requirements and we'll take it from there, saving you time and money. Get a free, no obligation quote from us today and rest assured that your residential or commercial property will be well protected from would-be criminals.

Your Tanyfron burglar alarm questions answered

Do they really deter intruders?

Yes, numerous studies have shown that burglars have a tendency to bypass homes that have alarm systems in them because they are more difficult to break into.

Is alarm monitoring expensive?

No, in most cases monitoring is very affordable. Speak to the experts on our network to find out the very best alarm solution for your individual needs and budget.

What is included in burglar alarm installation?

This will depend on what your contract includes. Commonly, you will receive a keypad, door and window sensors and motion sensors for the central rooms of the house. This will all be installed by a professional.

Will my alarm system continue to work in the event of power loss?

Yes. Burglar alarm systems are designed with this contingency in mind, and include a battery backup system. This will maintain your security monitoring coverage for several hours, which is usually long enough for power to be restored.

Which is better, a hard wired or wireless system?

A wireless system might be better if you prefer not to cut into your walls, while a wired one may be ideal if you have only a limited budget.

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