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Bedrooms Tanyfron

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Is your dowdy and cramped bedroom in need of a make-over? Want to improve the value of your property while increasing your living comfort? Fitted bedrooms Tanyfron may be the perfect solution for you. They come in various designs to suit any budget. Want to know more about fitted bedrooms and the costs involved? We can help, finding the best professionals and affordable deals so you can live in style and comfort.


Fitted bedrooms typically consist of the following items.

  • Bed and mattress (preferred size and style)
  • Fitted headboard (optional but may depend on design)
  • Side table or nightstand
  • Fitted wardrobe
  • Bedroom vanity
  • Chest of drawers or similar storage unit
  • Desk (depending on design)


The style, design and colour of fitted bedrooms are specifically chosen to reflect a particular aesthetic. Dark woods make a room cosier, while subtle creams may lend your bedroom a classic look that won't date. Whether you want a more rustic look with rough woods or a chic and elegant sleep space in white and beige, bedroom specialists will help you choose the best bedroom to suit your aesthetic and practical needs.

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Bespoke Tanyfron Bedroom

A bespoke bedroom grants you the ability to fully customise your bedroom design. This includes selecting all furniture in the desired material, finish and style. Bespoke bedrooms do provide greater efficacy of design, helping you maximise your living space; however, these do tend to be pricier than fitted bedrooms. It may also be possible to customise fitted designs for the optimal bedroom solution.

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Tanyfron Bedroom Designers

Bedroom designers are trained professionals who not only have design expertise, but are often skilled in architecture and furniture making. Designers offer a range of services. A primary consultation is usually required to evaluate the space in question and discuss your ideas. The designers will then draw up the plans for refurbishment and discuss viable materials with you. Only once you sign off on the design and estimated cost, will the real work begin.

Tanyfron Fitted Bedroom Costs

Fitted bedrooms may not cost as much as you imagine; however, it's important to remember that there are a number of factors which can affect the price.

  • The design - the number of furnishings and the intricacy of the layout may affect the overall cost.
  • The materials - real wood, melamine, plywood, and wicker all come with a different price tag. The more expensive the materials, the more expensive the total price.
  • The refurbishment - depending on the extent of the bedroom overhaul, additional services ' if required ' such as adjusting the electric or heating and ventilation systems may affect the cost.

Don't DIY

While attempting to refurbish your home by yourself may seem like the cheaper, better option, DIY gone wrong could end up costing you more in the run. Renovating your bedroom is an investment, increasing your property value and ensuring you a better night's rest. Why risk bungling your bedroom design when the fitted bedrooms Tanyfron professionals are standing by?

Before you despair over your lacklustre bedroom and consider extensive renovations or even buying a new home, consider our service as a cost-effective solution. With our access to a network of bedroom specialists, we can put you in touch with the right professionals to design that dream bedroom. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your ideal bedroom and we'll take care of the rest. Get a free, no obligation quote today, and sleep in the comfort that you deserve.

Your Tanyfron bedroom questions answered

What can I do to improve my bedroom?

Paint the walls. Get new lighting installed. Change the colour scheme. There are a million little things that you can do, up to and including hiring a contractor to knock out walls and expand the room.

How can I find a good colour scheme?

Look for a local Tanyfron interior designer , using our free quote service. They'll offer a free consultation while they get an idea of what you're looking for. They can help you redesign your entire look with a few clicks and a couple of magazine pages.

How difficult is it to add a walk-in closet to my bedroom?

Adding a walk-in closet is easy to do, provided you have enough space available for one in an area that will not interfere with door and window openings.

What are some of the most popular features in master suites right now?

People are increasingly adding a dressing or sitting area to their master suites to make them more comfortable.

What is the ideal size for a child’s bedroom?

A very small bedroom that is approximately 2.5 x 3 metres would provide you with enough space for a twin bed and dresser. One that is about 3 x 5 metres would allow room for additional furniture or a bigger bed.

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